“The Grind” is what’s planned or in process.  

A deep interest in Christian apologetics, especially evidential and philosophical apologetics, propels what I do here. Further, I love ethics and ethical systems as well as formal and informal logic.  You’ll find here articles I’ve written on various topics within these sub-disciplines of theology and philosophy, and there’s more to come.  I’ll trust that after your visit you can say you learned something valuable. 

Most of the articles on this site have been boiled down to newsletter length, usually not exceeding a couple of typewritten pages, but there are a few exceptions.  I’ve taken efforts to minimize unnecessary jargon, so if you encounter a word or concept that isn’t clear to you, please email your question or concern to me.

To set up specialized training or for specific questions you’d like addressed:

*Christian ethical systems. What you should know
*How to discern true from false doctrine

*Accountability: Comparing trends with the Bible