Who or what created God?

Tyler S. Ramey

There are many assumptions weaved into this question that need addressing; however, let’s just deal with the main one.  First and foremost, the question primarily assumes that God was created.  So, let’s briefly examine part of what being created means in order to help answer the question at hand.

If something is created, it is finite, or a temporal thing.  All finite, or temporal, things had a beginning.  For example, my coffee mug—from which I am sipping as I write this—had a point in time whereby it became a coffee mug.  It is apparent that my mug had a beginning since there was a time when the mug was formed, or created, by a “coffee mug-maker.”  Now, how does this relate to who or what created God?

Well, to assume that there was/is a who or what that created God would imply that there was/is something beyond, or superior to, God that brought him into existence.  It is seemingly self-evident that anything created (caused) is not superior to the thing that created it.  We can look at things like coffee mugs (or even planets) and know that there had to be a cause of the thing we observe, e.g., a mug-maker, or a Planet-maker, and we know that whatever created the mug or the planet must be greater than the created, or caused, thing.  The principle that describes the relationship between mug-makers and coffee mugs, or Planet-makers and planets, is called “cause and effect,” or the principle of causality.  The mug-maker is the cause, the mug is the effect.

Again, the cause of anything that had a beginning must exist before, and be superior to, the effect that it causes, e.g., the mug-maker must exist prior, and be superior, to the mug.  This seems obvious enough.  Ahh. . . but what of God?  Indeed, what about God?  Who or what created him?

Remember, only finite things that have a beginning need causes for their existence.  God, who has no beginning and no end (called eternality), is the Uncaused Cause of all that is.  He is the Great “I AM” (Ex. 3:14; John 8:58), the self-existent Creator of the universe.  He is transcendent to the created space/time universe of our experience and is its Creator.  Nothing finite, like coffee mugs, planets, people, or the Milky Way, can or could exist “prior” to the First Cause of all that is.

So, in answer to the question of who or what created God, the answer is, “No one, and no thing created God.”  It is impossible for the ultimate cause of all things, the Uncaused First Cause (God) to have a beginning, and, therefore, a cause.  God is eternally self-existent; he had no beginning and he will have no end.

“Always be prepared to give an answer”